About Us

Who Are We?

Our centre is made up of key staff from different backgrounds which forms a unique team to offer something different in the outdoor world of Lantau.


Tommy Leung

He is a fisherman’s son from Tai O, but he got very seasick when he was young. He hated the sea and swore he will never want to be on the sea. However, he loves the sea more and more starting from being a windsurfing instructor to professional scuba diver.

As a Lantau local, he love here and operating his own water sports centres in Lantau, with his passion and years of experience in water sports. Most importantly, He has superb ability in assessing wave and wind conditions in relation to safety and suitability for various water sports.

His leadership ensures that Palm Beach is not only visually stunning but has great functionality, safe, fun and adventurous.


Eliza Lee

With a degree in marketing and years of experience in business management, she is definitely a business woman, so why she here? Eliza loves the nature and her passion for the South Lantau community brings Palm Beach and the community together.

Eliza enjoys communicate with different kinds of people, she loves working with kids and the youth, and is a popular figure in the neighborhood. She can be very easy to mingle with anyone. Her enthusiasm and sincerity make a great satisfaction for her customers.

Operating Palm Beach definitely broaden Eliza’s horizons from different peoples in Lantau, their smiles also gave her energy just like oxygen for Survive.