Palm Beach Teepee Village

Palm Beach Teepee Village 

An Utterly Unique Overnight Shelters for Campers

Looking for a stay with pre-breakfast swim, lazy afternoon on the beach and a cocktails at sunset. Try the real wild camping experience, reserve our outdoor bbq stoves and bonfire pit to make a real bonfire night for all.

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Palm Beach Teepee Village is the perfect environment for individuals, whether they are looking for a personal or a group retreat. All Teepees are uniquely hand-painted with artwork. The big 22 foot diameter Teepee allows for 30 people sitting inside for conferences, weddings, courses and social gatherings, it also provides warm accommodation upto 16 people. Our 16 foot and 12 foot diameter Teepees are most suitable for families or small groups. No worry about the weather, the teepee is an exceptionally sturdy structure, able to withstand storm winds in excess of 60 mph. And the teepee is using durable and weather resistant canvas.
(Remarks: It is not waterproof under extreme or severe weather conditions)


Come and Joy Together

Teepee Village offers adventure-style accommodation for families, schools, companies, tours, and international travellers.

It is the ideal location for courses, kids-programs, summer camps, and corporate team building events.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for details!