Gear Rental

Equipment Rentals

Hourly Rate Hourly Rate
( 4hrs or more )
– Single Kayak HK$70 HK$56
– Double Kayak HK$120 HK$96
– Triple Kayak HK$140 HK$112
– Sea Kayak HK$100 HK$80
Surfing Board
– Long Surfing Board HK$100 HK$80
– Short Surfing Board HK$90 HK$72
– Beginner Surfing Board HK$70 HK$56
SUP Board
 – SUP Board HK$110 HK$88
Body Board
– Body Board HK$40 HK$32
Skim Board
– Wooden Skim Board HK$40 HK$32
Windsurfing Gear
– Freestyle / wave HK$170 HK$136
– Slalom HK$220 HK$176

– Locker & Shower facilities FREE except for bodyboard and skimboard rental

Misc Services
Shower HK$20
Locker (S) HK$20 / (L) HK$30
Locker & Shower (S) HK$30 / (L) HK$40
Beach Toys Inflating Service HK$5 – HK$10 / pc
Beach Tent HK$60 / day, return before 6pm
Beach Chair HK$30 / day, return before 6pm
Beach Toy – Floating Noodle HK$50 / day, return before 6pm
Lawn area Sunshade HK$300 / 4 hrs

* 01 Jun 2012 – Prices subject to change without advance notice