Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

    1. All groups (the Clients) are required to follow the centre’s regulations. Palm Beach (the Centre) reserves the right to terminate services to the Clients that breach regulations. Fees paid are non-refundable.
    2. Gambling, unlawful action and public disturbance activities are forbidden.
    3. No dogs and pets are allowed in the Centre unless lashed or carried (not apply to inside of teepees and camping tents).
    4. The Clients shall be responsible for preventing their dog(s) or pet(s) from straying around and from fouling any of the common areas (including but not limited to the grass area).
    5. Pets or animals of any kind are prohibited inside teepees, camping tents and staying at the Centre after 7pm.
    6. No high-heeled shoes on grass area.
    7. Smoking inside the teepees and camping tents are prohibited.
    8. The maximum capacity includes the number of children and baby.
    9. All signage items (such as stickers, posters, banners, etc) must be approved by the Centre before use in any event.
    10. Permission must be granted by the Centre for any media photography or reporting of the Lodge.
    11. The Centre may from time to time close the whole or any part of the site area for any period to allow for cleaning, maintenance or special occasions. The Centre is authorized to request users to leave the area, if considered necessary and its directions must be followed.
    12. For the Clients that wish to arrange their own activities schedule, notification has to be made to Palm Beach in advance for approval. The Centre has limited resources, and as such, not all facilities could be available at any single time. Please enquire with staff for further information.
    13. For overnight campers, the checkout procedure should be done in the morning between 10am and 12nn. Early checkout and refund of Damage and Cleaning Deposit will not be entertained without prior arrangement. All camping equipment and facilities must be returned and outstanding fees should be paid in cash.
    14. Noise Control :

      The Clients should not produce at any time any excessive music or noise (including sound produced by broadcasting or any equipment or instrument) so as to constitute a nuisance or to give cause for reasonable complaint from the other guests at the Centre or visiting the same or any neighboring residents. To avoid complaints from the public and the residents at Cheung Sha, we have to lower down any musical broadcast / noise generated after 10pm and stop musical broadcast / noise generated at 11pm.

      The Clients have to observe perform and comply with all terms conditions, orders, regulations relating to the Noise Control Ordinance in Hong Kong. The Clients have to indemnify, defend and hold the Centre harmless from any penalties proceedings actions claims or demands whatever in relation to the event / camp by the relevant governmental department(s).

      The Centre has the right to stop any of the Clients to produce any excessive noise generated at once whenever it is required by the Government Authorities so to do, and the Clients have to stop producing the same immediately till the end of their stay upon receiving such notice or request from the Centre, and / or any officer of the Government Authorities.

    15. Equipment and Setting-up Materials :.

      The Centre does not accept any liability for equipment, goods, displays, or materials which arrives at the Centre. The Clients are responsible for insuring their properties for loss or damage.

      For security reasons, any setting-up materials of chemical or flammable nature must inform the Centre for approval before so setting.

      All unidentified objects delivered to the Centre without prior notification will not be acknowledged nor accepted.

    16. Security :

      The Centre cannot be responsible for the safe keeping of equipment, supplies, written materials or other valuable items, belonging to the Clients or attending guests, left in the Centre. Accordingly, the Clients acknowledged that the Clients will be responsible to provide security of any such aforementioned items and hereby assumes the responsibility for the loss or damages thereof.

    17. Custodial Clean-up :

      Excessive damage caused by any substance including but not limited to food, drink, confetti, decorations, trash left in the Centre may result in a custodial cleaning fee. The Clients will be financially responsible for this cost.

    18. Damage & Cleaning Deposit :

      The Clients are liable for damages to the Centre caused by an act or an omission of the Clients, the Clients’ attending guests, staff, agents, contractors or invitees. These include, but not limited to missing or damaged furniture, fixture, watersport gears, camping facilities, equipment, decorations, lawn, plants, trees, or fencing. These also include any replacement, removal and / or custodial cleaning fees as well as any cost for repairs and materials.

      The Clients have to deposit a Damage & Cleaning Deposit to the Centre upon taking possession of the party venue or checking-in in an amount as below stipulated in CASH to cover up any of the costs that may be raised as herein mentioned. The amount will be refunded to the Clients after any deduction deemed necessary by the Centre at the checking-out time of the Clients.

      Damage & Cleaning Deposit requested in CASH :
      12’ teepee HK$200 per teepee
      16’ teepee HK$300 per teepee
      22’ teepee HK$800 per teepee
      Safari Bush Camper HK$400 per bush camper
      Party venue 30% of the party venue cost
    19. Restricted Items :

      The following items are not permitted in the Centre :

      • candles (unless served in a seepage-proofed container)
      • incense
      • fireworks (except bonfire at pre-assigned fire pit)
      • open flame
      • weapons
    20. The Centre reserves the right to terminate services without reason.
    21. The Centre reserves the absolute discretion to amend and supplement the above rules at any time without notice.