Water Sports

For the Wave Riders

What is your expectation from the wave? Catching a wave, in whatever form you prefer, puts you in a zone to execute the perfect timing, balance and momentum. Love the challenge of pushing themselves to their limits, to gain a sense of exhilaration from overcoming the force of nature.

If you like to enjoy riding with ease and control, let’s have a sense of freedom for the moment, when nothing else matters but the wave. At Palm Beach, there are many ways for you to catch.

When the wind is good…

When the waves aren’t rolling, we have a variety of other sports too! Blasting along the open sea with nothing but a sail and board, windsurfing truly free your mind and satisfy your need for speed. There’s no boundary in finding ways to challenge yourself and develop your own style.

From cruising, planing, free styling, slalom to waves jumping, we have the right equipment for you. Mostly for intermediate and advanced wind surfers, our launch spot is particularly suited to a launch in Easterly and South Easterly wind directions where a bit of a swell can make the ride that little bit more exciting.

Kite boarding